The Routine is a four-piece Funk-Rock band that exploded onto the West-Coast music scene in 2013. Rooted in San Diego, California, they pack funk, rock, soul, afro-beat, and psychedelia into an infectious groove that always brings the heat to the dance floor. Fusing the simplistic rock ’n’ roll lineup of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums with rhythmic tact creates a mesmerizing sound that leaves concertgoers wondering “how do they do it?”. Since inception, they have taken their memorable live performance across the western United States and established themselves as one of So-cal’s “must-see” acts. The Routine’s latest release “Puddin’” is their debut full-length album. With the dynamic range running everything from rocking highs, haunting dirges, soulful chants, and experimental surges, “Puddin’” establishes the bands unique sound and creative potential.